The Retained recruitment solution is ideal for those seeking skills in extremely high demand and who don't want to compete against many other businesses also hiring in that area.

Our consultants work in strict technical verticals, and our retained service offers you exclusivity with the Darwin Specialist, who is dedicated to sourcing the skills you need. This means that you'll also gain exclusive access to their nurtured pool of talent.

Our retained clients also benefit from employer branding solutions via our award-winning marketing team. We'll work with you to understand your branding needs and deliver a tailored solution, from videos, podcasts, events, and Crowdcasts®, to bespoke complimentary collateral.

Our data insights team is also on hand to provide any benchmarking and competitor analysis reports that our retained clients may need to make the most informed decisions possible.  

An initial, up-front fee is required to secure our retained and additional value-added services, followed by a graduated payment system allowing you to spread the cost of multiple hires and to help with cash flow.