AI Engineer

AI Engineer.

AI Engineer

San Francisco


$150000 - $200000 per year




Machine Learning (ML)

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startup brewing AI-powered gaming magic, seeks a Jedi Master of AI Engineering. Join us and craft worlds where NPCs learn your every move, narratives bend to your choices, and gameplay evolves like a living organism.

Nerdy must-haves:

  • Python sorcery and AI incantations: TensorFlow, PyTorch, spaCy - your familiar spirits.
  • Game design wisdom: You speak fluent "level-up" and can bend genres like Yoda bends minds.
  • Collaboration superpowers: You team up with artists, programmers, and fellow AI sorcerers like it's second nature.
  • Passion burning brighter than a Phoenix Down: You breathe life into games and geek out harder than a Dragonborn facing Alduin.

The loot:

  • Build the future of gaming: Leave your mark on a revolution, not just pixels on a screen.
  • Dream team comrades: Nerds like you, united by the quest for epic experiences.
  • Competitive swag: Salary, benefits, and enough office snacks to fuel your coding marathons.
  • Startup freedom: Experiment, innovate, and unleash your inner game-changer.

Ready to code the next gaming legend? Apply now! Unleash your inner AI wizard and let's rewrite the rules of play.

P.S. Bonus points for fluent "geekdom" and epic gaming references.

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George Wiles

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